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Multimpianti Italia limited liability consortium was founded in July 1999 with the merger of a number of Companies with different specialisations and an individual presence varying from 16 to more than 50 years in the market of public and private works. This union has the dual scope of increasing both the contractual power and the end customer guarantee.

The company comprises corporate experiences such as road building and production, sewerage works, waterworks,lighting systems, private and public building complexes, and restoration works on behalf of the various councils.

The historical roots of the Company Partners date back to the early 1950s. It is a company that brings together experience and technological knowledge and has evolved over the years into company ventures that have kept sight of the pride in the traditions of the founders since the beginning of the 1980s. After this period, as naturally happens, the last of these generations, having already found itself in a fixed term managed joint venture, adopted the criteria to strengthen and integrate the potentials coming from each venture amongst themselves on a permanent basis for both public and private works,even of considerable scale. Simplifying and specialising the structures to allow for greater dynamism and skills to both projects and operational processes, it gave way to Multimpianti Italia.

The primary clients of Multimpianti Italia are both Private and Public Bodies.

The future projects aim at consolidating the group, adopting a policy of small, continuous steps, to have a solid foundation that grants economic and structural Company growth on one hand, while on the other giving the end customer, whether Public or Private, the certainty of completed works.

Moreover, with the latest opportunities granted by the new regulations in relation to both town planning and public works,the Company has strengthened the technical structure by dedicating a part exclusively to the market needs of building in general, particularly in regards to the financing project and integrated projects. These provide the complete production of the works starting from the design phase, also via the expropriation phases to reach the completed turn-key production,integrating and, in some cases, replacing the Public Administrations.

The Resources

Post Pic The Company is run by a Board of Directors composed of the President and two Managing Directors.
The Company can rely on a permanent workforce comprising:

- 30 workers;

- 10 technical and administrative staff;

- equipment suitable for the execution of the works.

- 2 Engineering Firms;

- 5 Tax Consultancy Firms;

- 3 Legal Consultancy Firms.